For Parents

The good news for parents is that we do not have to have a bill in order to increase recess times in our local schools. We do, however, need to be informed and speak up. If you are concerned about the number of recess minutes in your child’s school, we suggest you meet with your child’s teacher and the administrative staff at your school.


It is helpful if you come with information that supports increased recess time in schools. Be respectful and have an open and honest conversation. Administrators are usually open to hearing from parents and in most cases will do their best to meet the requests of parents and families.

In our current climate, parents hold a unique advantage. With the rise of charter schools, public schools are losing students at an alarming rate. Our public school districts need to listen to parents and students or frankly, they will lose them.

Hopefully The Texas Recess Bill passes and Texas children in pre-k through 2nd grade have a required 30 minute recess time each day. (Even better, the bill is expanded to include 3rd grade through 5th grade!) Yet even if that doesn’t happen, parents can still advocate for increased recess in their local schools.

Check out “The Right to Recess” campaign for more helpful information:

You can also help the Texas Recess Bill by writing a letter of support to Representative Philip Cortez’s Chief of Staff Clarissa Rodriguez @ . You can also download a sample letter of support here.


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