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My name is Dixie Selva and I’m the former early childhood educator and proud “Boy Mom” behind the Texas Recess Bill. I have never been a “political” person. In the past I thought I was doing my part as a good citizen by voting, but I never followed legislation or campaigned for a particular candidate. I pretty much did the bare minimum and didn’t pay much attention to the connection between what happened in Austin or D.C. and what was happening in our schools.

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That all changed in the past few years. Through a series of events I became more and more aware of how bad legislation was hurting our public schools. As a former public school educator and a young mother, it really bothered me. A few months ago, someone I admire very much said, “If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not doing enough to make change.” That really spoke to me and quickly got me out of my comfort zone.

I thought about the challenges our public schools face and I struggled with a place to start. The obsession with the STAAR test is clearly a burden on our children, teachers and administrators but reforming the standardized testing process in our state seemed so overwhelming, I couldn’t fathom how I could take that on by myself. So I decided to start small and try to win small. I decided to focus my efforts behind increasing recess times for Texas children.

Recess seems like an issue that almost all parents and teachers can agree upon: the more, the better. Research supports the science behind increasing recess to increase academic performance. I was particularly inspired by The Liinks Project at Texas Christian University. The work they’re doing in Texas schools is INCREDIBLE. In addition to academic performance, increasing recess also strengthens children’s social emotional skills as well as decreases off-task behaviors.

I approached my State Representative Philip Cortez about the idea back in February 2018. He was completely on board and very supportive. He agreed to have his legislative team work on the bill as long as I helped get the word out. So here I am, getting the word out!

As the 2019 legislative session approaches, I hope you will help me spread the word. Currently, The Texas Recess Bill team includes State Representative Philip Cortez’s staff, yours truly, and my dear friend Hannah who is helping me with the Instagram account.

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Hannah N., Teacher & Instagram Volunteer


State Representative Philip Cortez, District 117

Thank you for supporting the Texas Recess Bill. If you’d like to volunteer services or have questions, please contact Dixie @ texasrecessbill@gmail.com.


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